Back to basics: The role of Community Manager

This is my tenth blog post, so I think its a fitting time to get back to basics and explain to you exactly what the heck I do as a community manager.Even though it may be pretty familiar to many of you, a community manager is still a relatively new role within organizations. When I graduated in 2009, this position wasn’t even on my radar (neither was blogger, but things change).

So, what am I?

1. I’m a resource. One of the main reasons people flock to social media is to ask questions and get answers – without the lag time of traditional customer service. I respond to user questions in a (mostly) timely manner. Even if I don’t have the answer, I make my best effort to really help consumers (even when they bug the crap out of me).

2. I’m a brand advocate. I don’t just have to answer questions and respond to complaints. I also have to engage with consumers when they are actually happy with us (It happens. A shocker, I know) and advocate for our brand. If someone gives us a raving review or stops by to share a photo of the love of their life – their cat – I respond. My job is to encourage conversation among fans and show them they’re right: our brand does kick ass!

3. I’m a moderator. Another shocker: people talk shit. About your brand, about other fans, about current events and about Republicans (That may be just me). It’s my job as a community manager to regulate that shit talking, within reason. Sometimes people need to be put back in line. I delete offensive comments, mark random posts that are unrelated as spam and make sure some members of my community aren’t pissing other members off. A happy wall equals a happy community manager.

4. I’m a writer. My favorite part of my job? Creating original content for my brands. I write status updates, tweets and blog posts with the goal to engage consumers and get them talking. And, even though it’s my favorite, it’s also the hardest part of my job. I have to keep things fresh, new and engaging and avoid giving my fans a wicked case of content fatigue. Not to mention, with few clicks of the mouse they can hide me from their view for eternity. And that’s a punishment I don’t want.

5. I’m a analyst. I measure the progress my page is making. From the success of different content buckets to the difference including a photo makes, I measure everything. And I mean everything. I collect every piece of data there is so I can better understand my community. I then present that information to other people on my brand in a way they can understand. Numbers have to be tangible, understandable and not as freaking scary as they are when I first get them.

Now, add in about 100 other different random tasks on any given day, and you’ve got yourself a Community Manager.


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