How to separate work and personal social media

All community managers have heard the horror stories about their fellow CMs being fired after sending off a personal Tweet or Facebook on their brand accounts. Every story is the same – with varying degrees of “OMG they did what?!”

I am actually guilty of this. Well, minus the whole firing part. But I have sent off a personal Tweet to a brand account. Lucky for me, it wasn’t offensive and it was on an account that wasn’t very prominent. So my manager let it slide (although I’m sure he was freaking).

I have always made a point to keep my personal social channels separate from my work social channels. And I don’t just mean copy. I mean voice, tone and overall attitude. But how do you not let your personal self shine through on your brand self?

Here are some tips:

– Use separate apps for work and personal. The most important of the tips: use an app like HootSuite or TweetDeck for your work accounts. Then use an entirely different app (if you want) for your personal account. Attaching your personal account to the same app as your work app always leads to trouble.

– Create a doc with on voice posts to review. Before you star writing your editorial calendar for a specific brand, review this doc to get in voice. It’s almost like getting into character – the character that is your brand.

– Make time for your personal social and work social. I like to set aside a certain amount of time each day to focus only on my personal social networks. Write my blog posts, update my Twitter and be on my own Facebook (a rarity for a CM). Then I give myself time to just be me and get creative.

– Match your brand to a celebrity or character. I like to think of a celebrity or character who has a style of speaking or sense of humor that matches up with my brand. Watch a few clips of him or her acting if you are finding yourself very off-voice or tone

These quick tips will help you be your brand when your need to be and yourself when you want to be.


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