The Scary Side of Social

Happy Halloween, folks! Not many things scare me around this time of year. Mostly because I avoid scary movies like the plague and prefer to immerse myself in photos of dogs dressed as iPhones.But one thing really scared the bageezus out of me this year. It was this study from Socialbakers that said 95% of Facebook wall posts are not answered by brands.

Say what now?

This freaks me out for multiple reasons. Number one being that I’m required to respond to all of the posts we receive on our brand pages (or the majority I can tolerate before losing my mind). So what community managers are getting paid and not responding? That seems too easy…

But the main reason is because it means the majority of companies are doing social wrong. I read blog after blog every day about how important engagement is. How building loyalty is key. How you have to give your fans a reason to come and a reason to stay.

Social media is like a relationship. And most brands are being the unresponsive boyfriends (no, I’m not calling consumers “needy chicks”). Sure, he is hot and probably a great kisser. But he doesn’t call you back. Or calls you back  5 days later pretending like nothing is wrong. You see him out in the social media universe – posting to other consumers even – but they aren’t giving you need the attention you need.

Brian Solis put it best in a recent post where he cited a study by ExactTarget and CoTweet called “The Social Breakup.” Consumers are taking some time apart from brands because they aren’t getting what they need. Sure, they love a good deal or promotion. But beyond that, why should they stay in this relationship?

Consumers want a boyfriend who calls them back, is there for them when they need to vent and answers their questions (don’t we all). They want to feel like you care. Really care.

So this Halloween I employ all my fellow community managers to put on the costume of caring boyfriend. Go through all the posts you received on your social channels (yes, all of them) and respond. And don’t you dare auto DM anyone! That’s just evil.


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