Social Media Wish list

The holidays are upon us! Since it is officially December, I can now admit that I’ve been listening to Christmas carols for two weeks already (thank you, Pandora). I’ve also started my holiday wish list – all the things I want relatives and friends to buy me in lieu of the crap lovely things they got me last year.

While I was adding three pairs of riding boots, v-neck sweaters and a new tote for work to the list (in case you needed ideas) I thought: What do I wish social media would give to me this Christmas?

– Better insights. Measurement is the bane of most Community Manager’s existence, myself included. There is no right or wrong way to measure social and every boss you have wants it done differently. Everyone is always asking for benchmarks that don’t exist and then blames you for benchmarks not existing (Thanks a lot, Zuck). I’d like to see more comprehensive and clear insights from Facebook* along with any insights at all from Twitter.

*Since I started this list, Facebook has rolled out a new and improved suite of insights. I’m still figuring them all out, but things look promising. So let’s make these other wishes come true, people!

– A one stop shop social media monitoring system. I use a paid SMMS service,, Hootsuite and Buffer every single day. And on any given day you can add another tool-of-the moment to that list. Is it too much to ask for them all in one? Post scheduler, link shortener and analytics puller (you know what I mean). And I want it to be fast. Really fast.

– Mobile optimization. For the love of god, please make my tabs optimized for the Facebook mobile app! I can’t tell you how many complaints I get from fans saying they can’t see the tab I am directing them to because they are on their phone. According to the recent State of Social Marketing report, Social Consumers are checking Facebook more than ever from their phones. It’s time for Facebook to up its mobile game. And help a community manager out!

– Better customer service communication. I often have to use Facebook’s messaging platform to send out correspondence to fans. For example, if a user has a customer service question that I need personal information to answer (like his or her email address) I prefer to send the user a DM. Problem? I can only send DMs from my personal Facebook account.

Many Facebook users do not trust that I am actually from the company. They think I may be spamming/scamming them and don’t answer. Also, Facebook automatically directs these messages to a super unnoticeable and super annoying “Other” folder. Fans don’t see the message and think our brand is ignoring them. When they finally find the message 3 months later, fans may have missed out on an opportunity to receive the support they asked for.

I’d like to see Facebook allow brands to send DMs as brand pages and give leeway who they can communicate with, like fans of their pages.

– Stop overwhelming me. I understand competition, trying to improve on a product, innovation, blah blah blah. But man alive, people! I am becoming completely overwhelmed by social networks. Twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, Quora…can’t one of you make it right and just shut the others up? And stop creating so many new features so suddenly! It just makes things worse. And I’m a community manager! Imagine how a regular user feels?

I realize this is the most unrealistic wish on the list. But it wouldn’t be Christmas without asking for something you’ll probably never get!

I hope the Social Santa comes through in 2012. Happy Holidays!


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