Social Media New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is upon us! And with it comes my one year anniversary as a Community Manager. Hoorah! So even though I’m not usually a fan of new year’s resolutions, I’m going to make a few for myself.

It’s strange to think that I’ve been doing this for a year. There was a time when I thought I would never find a job I enjoyed and that anyone who said they actually enjoyed their job was a bold faced liar. But things changed.

Two colleagues were nice enough to show me the social media ropes and set me up with some great contacts (thanks DB and Josh!) Now I’m starting the new year with a job I enjoy (not lying).

But things can get hairy out here in the social media world. Sometimes I am the person who hates my job. So my new year’s resolutions aren’t just goals – they’re tips to help me avoid burnout and remember why I enjoy working in this ever changing industry.

– Let creativity in. Between my Instapaper, Google Reader, Amazon reading list and job in general, I sometimes feel like everything in my day has to do with social media. Staying on this one topic can actually stifle creativity – both inside and outside my job. My resolution is to read one non-social media book a month. Oh, and more cooking blogs everyday! Lots and lots of cooking blogs.

– Laugh at myself and my job. Remember that mention of hating my job? Well, it generally happens when someone says something outrageous or ridiculous to me on a social network. Instead of getting angry or frustrated, I’m going to laugh. Laugh, damnit. Because if I can’t derive some humor out of people getting angry at me for my grammar, what can I laugh at? Dont answer that…

– Take more risks. Many community managers have a tendency to find something that works and stick with it (Facebook polls, anyone?). I want to take more risks with my content. Try something that I never have before and step outside of the realm of “what works.”

– Enjoy it. When people see me browsing cat videos and photos, looking for interesting things to post, they say, “That’s your job?!” My first reaction is to get defensive and explain that it is a lot more than browsing for fun content. But they aren’t being rude. They’re jealous. And they’re right to be. My job kicks ass. Not just because of the cat videos (big bonus), but because of all the other every-changing things I get to do. And this year I am going to enjoy it while I still can.

Happy 2012, everyone! Share your new year’s resolutions – social media or otherwise – in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Social Media New Year’s Resolutions

  1. My new year’s resolutions include: making myself an actual website, and blog that contains actual posts… not just the stock headers and graphics 🙂

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