5 Tools and Apps I Can’t Live Without

I’m what some people may call a stubborn person. And I generally fear change. When I have a “system” of doing things I like to stick with it, no matter how much people try to tell me I should switch things up.

In recent months, though, I’ve started adapting more tools and apps to streamline my work and personal life. Mostly because I’m so freaking busy I barely have time to eat. But also because I have found some really amazing stuff. From social media tools to stuff to keep me organized, here are the top 5 tools and apps I can’t live without.

1. Evernote. I was definitely a late adaptor of this tool. My dad said it was the greatest thing ever, so I told him I downloaded it when I actually hadn’t (sorry, dude!). But recently I discovered the web clipper portion of the tool for Google Chrome. And my life has never been the same. I can “clip” anything I find on the web with a click of a button, organize it and store it.

Instead of emailing stuff that I want to remember to my own email account, I now keep everything in the cloud accessible in every device. If you haven’t yet, get Evernote!

2. Awesome Screenshot. It may seem ridiculous, but sometimes people are too busy to click a link or open an attachment. So when I need to send someone on my PR team a consumer’s post I need input on, it is best to make it a picture within an email. 

Enter Awesome Screenshot. You can clip, crop and save images of whatever you want in no time. The best part is that the image doesn’t include everything in your browser window or on your desktop. Which basically means my boss won’t see I’m chatting with my friends.

3. Readability. My good friend Ross Goodman introduced me to this excellent tool. It makes any web page “readable.” It clears out the ads, enlarges the font and organizes it to look like a page straight out of your Kindle. When you’re reading what seems like hundreds of blog posts per day it is great to have a more uniform look. Go ahead. Use it on my page right now.

See? Much better.

4. Instapaper. The goodness of Evernote and Readability combined. Instapaper let’s you save articles and blogs you find to “Read Later.” Anything you add is accessible on any device and is in that great, readable view. You can also organize by folder so you don’t get lost in a reader-like oblivion. It’s great for saving things to read on-the-go during your morning or afternoon commute (i.e. perfect distraction from the fact that you’re riding public transit).

5. Buffer. I’ve become obsessed with this tool and have been trying to spread it to my brand pages. Buffer analyzes the best time for you to send out social media updates based on your followers behavior. You just load the “buffer” up with updates and it will automatically send them out throughout the day.

If you don’t have time to be updating your personal social media all day like me, this is the tool for you. Spend some time each day loading up your buffer with interesting content and you’ll never have to check it again.

What are some of the go-to tools that you can’t live without? Share in the comments!


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